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Xampp is a free open source cross-platform web server package that was developed by Apache. it consists mainly of the Apache HTTP server and MariaDB database. It is a server package used by Php developers for the purpose of test running their scripts.

You can use Xammp or its variants like WAMP or LAMP to install CMS applications like WordPress and Joomla. this can also be done with ease, with the aid of Bitnami

How can I Use XAMPP for Development?

Once you have finished your Xampp Installation, you then start and stop each module, using your Xampp Control Panel. for instance, to start your PHP application, you have to start just two modules, Apache and MySQL. This would allow PHP applications to run on your PC. Simply put, a Xampp software, tends to behave like a removed server on your computer.

Before the advent of Xampp, it was difficult to test your scripts on a live server. this was because you need to upload them every time to a remote server for testing purposes. With Xampp, you can test easily with your localhost. so whenever you are done testing, you can finally upload to the final server to have a live website.

What Tools are XAMPP  made of?

XAMPP contains tools such as Apache, MYSQL, PHP, and Perl. We will see these tools.


Apache server is currently maintained by the Apache software foundation. Apache HTTP is a remote server(computer) if someone request files, images or documents using their browser they will serve those files to clients using HTTP servers. Most of the big-name hosting companies use this application to create a VPS server and shared hosting for their clients.


MYSQL is an open source software. It is actually a relational database management system(RDBMS). The meaning of the acronym SQL stands is “Structured Query Language”. It is the most popular and best RDBMS used for developing software applications that are web based.


The full meaning of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server-side scripting language that helps you to create dynamic websites. This language is mainly used to build web-based software applications. It works fine with MYSQL. What actually happens is, the PHP code will be executed on the server and at the browser side its HTML code will be displayed.


Perl is known to be a very good general-purpose programming language. . Actually, the language is used for developing web apps, Graphic User Interface Design, system administration, etc. Perl is capable of working with HTML, XML and other markup languages. 


download Xampp software here with the link down below


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